Lipscomb Supports Youth Ministers

Image result for lipscomb university logo“Every day youth ministers make the selfless decision to dedicate their lives to cultivating men and women of God. And while we know the day to day of youth ministry may not always feel glamorous, what a remarkably important and eternally valuable job it is to impact the lives of future generations in the church! We know that your role in the lives of your students extends far beyond Sunday mornings and weekly youth group gatherings, and we know that your care and concern for them extend far beyond their high school graduation. At Lipscomb, we want to continue the life-changing work you have done to grow leaders with a passion to serve others for Christ.

The transition to college is not an easy one, and, in our opinion, the community you find in college makes a huge difference. Students come to Lipscomb from all over the country and all over the world to be welcomed into an intentionally Christian community that will both challenge and support them in their spiritual growth.  We believe that when you know your gifts, your God, and your direction, you can confidently welcome what comes next. That is why a Lipscomb education does not stop at propelling students into their careers, but helps them become people whose characters are as deep as their faith. We want to thank you for the incredible impact you make on a daily basis, and we would love the opportunity to talk with you about why Christian higher education at Lipscomb University is a great next step for your students.

Find out more about faith in action at Lipscomb and set up a time to bring your youth group to campus:”