Ministers tax benefits are truly amazing.

 But it’s no wonder that ministers are often confused about their unique tax benefits and what they can do with them, especially in retirement. Because your tax and retirement opportunities are so different from “normal” people’s you often get the wrong advice or incomplete information from well-intentioned sources.

That’s why for over 40 years, the Clergy Advantage Team of specialists has developed targeted tools and resources to educate and guide ministers into the right options. We’ve simplified the whole clergy tax mystery into three major areas of tax advantage for ministers: Retirement, Housing Allowance, and Business/Ministry Expenses.

Maximize these three areas and coordinate them with the help of experts that really know and understand what’s available to you and you’ve got a plan that works for optimal success. But whatever you do, don’t neglect retirement planning.

A Clergy-Specific Retirement Plan with proper guidance is the single most Important Financial Tool for Ministry Professionals. Proper planning allows you to keep your housing allowance benefits for life wherever you go and even if you leave the ministry altogether. Ministers can also save on Social Security, State and Federal tax on distributions AND contributions with the right retirement plan.

So don’t think retirement planning can wait, it’s tax-free money for life and tax savings now. It’s really about Financial Independence and greater success. Talk to someone who knows, call Clergy Advantage to schedule a free discussion anytime 970-667-5819 or at

Check out the Ministers’ Retirement Calculator and other great free resources and videos to learn what your tax benefits can really do.