Is Science a Stumbling Block to Your Students’ Faith?

The idea that science has disproven the Bible is one of the most prevalent messages used to undermine your students’ faith. Many students abandon the church after they leave for college. When polled, they often cite “science” as a major factor.

If only they realized that science and the Bible reveal the same truth! The Institute for Creation Research’s team of scientists research answers to some of the most challenging questions your students face, such as How do dinosaurs fit with biblical history? Was the Genesis Flood really global? Did the Big Bang happen? Do fossils prove evolution? ICR offers tools to help your students navigate these issues and develop a deeper trust in God’s Word.


ICR’s free online That’s a Fact videos share a truth about science and the Bible in two minutes or less. Consider showing one video every week to start a conversation with your students. Our theater-quality DVD series are ideal for use in a group setting. These biblical science series come with short episodes and viewer guides that include content summaries and questions to help students dig deeper. You can also connect with us on social media to stay up-to-date on the latest creation science news.

Regional Events

ICR experts travel across the U.S. to present on creation science topics ranging from dinosaurs and fossils to Grand Canyon and the solar system. Explore how you can host an event in your area.

The ICR Discovery Center for Science & Earth History

Bring your students to Dallas, Texas, to discover how science confirms the Bible through stunning planetarium shows, state-of-the-art exhibits, and live science presentations. The ICR Discovery Center offers special rates for groups of 12 to 60 people.

We hope you’ll take advantage of all ICR’s biblical science ministry has to offer. Let’s partner together to bring clarity to the confusion and help your students establish a confident Christian faith grounded in Scripture.