2024 Speakers

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2024 Speakers & Topics

Phil Brookman


David Skidmore


Don McLaughlin


Amy McLaughlin Sheasby


Mark Yarhouse


Chris Seidman

Robert & Lori Crosby

How Trauma Affects the Kids We Love and What to Do About It.

Bruce Beaver

“Do you trust me?”: Establishing confidence & support among parents and leadership
Let’s face it. Youth Ministers don’t always have the reputation of being the most organized or professional.

J.E. Bundy

Tired? Weary? At the end of your rope? We will try to do our best to find that rest that Jesus promised. It has to be there somewhere, right?

Adam Weigel

Youth Ministry for Dummies
What has worked, what hasn’t worked (I’m a dummy), and a few other tidbits I've learned from my time in ministry.

Jahnnette Brandt

Integration of Children’s Literature into Bible Class
Come learn how, by reading out loud a simple children’s book, a connection to a Bible story can be made.

Sean White

The Whole Family approach to Ministry
Overwhelmed ministering to students AND their parents? What if families lived out their faith at home? Might look like putting yourself out of a job, and that’s a good thing!

Walt Mueller

Sexuality and Culture
Issues of sex and gender are on the forefront of today’s youth culture. Students need to understand God’s good design for sex and gender.

Logan Hackworth

Identity and sexuality - Ministering to a struggling generation.
How can we as ministers help bring hope to a generation that is struggling with identity and sexuality?

Mark Oestreicher

Things about stuff

Danielle Shrock

Leading Change in Curriculum

Amanda Box

Difficult Conversations in Ministry
The success of your communication will determine the success in every other part of your life.

Kevin Hackett

Milestones: A Discipleship Pathway
As culture evolves, youth, children's, and family ministry must evolve with it.

Vince Nieves

Curriculum Speed Dating: Finding What Fits
We will walk through the steps on how to find and implement a curriculum that fits your context.

Richard Shough

Interactive Family Classes
Many of our families only open the Bible together while they were on our church campus or had grown away from reading and studying the Bible together.

Alexis Hall

Working Together: Holistic Family Ministry
Practical ways to integrate children and youth ministry to work together as a family ministry team.

Joel Singleton


Trey & Lea Morgan

Cultivating A Healthy Marriage in Ministry
In this session we'll be talking about how to successfully negotiate marriages in ministry.

Charlie Vasquez

Ministry While Single
Paul says he prefers we were all like him, single. But Churches strongly prefer married ministers as we see from most job postings.

Travis Frost

Faithful to Your Flock
Overcoming challenges that inhibit longevity and that will help you develop a healthy relationship with your church.

Drew & Kelsea Jordan

Kinda Wild
Encouraging teens and college students as they navigate singleness, dating, and preparing for marriage.

Lance Sanchez

Affirming Giftedness in Teens
Theological and philosophical framework for affirming giftedness in teens. Practical ways to create a safe and inviting space for teens to explore their gifts.

Lance Sanchez

Youth Ministry in a Deconstruction Zone
Faith Deconstructing. That includes asking questions about God we've never asked before, and seeking to grow in our faith in ways we haven't encountered yet.

Justin Taylor

Proactive not Reactive: Safeguarding Kids and Teens at Church

Jonathan Parker

Proactive not Reactive: Safeguarding Kids and Teens at Church

Jack Williamson

Cats, Dogs and Moving Day: Metaphorical Musing on Parenting Adolescents
Focusing on two key metaphors that help parents understand their teens and prepare them for their journey toward adulthood

Rick Grace

Faith Journey Map - Workshop
Come learn about a tool you can use to help students get their spiritual bearings and help them chart a path to spiritual maturity.

Brad Childers

Chicken Coop Discipleship
Chicken Coop Discipleship

Owen and Lauren Mitchell

Marriage by the numbers
As a youth minister, your marriage matters. Let’s talk about 2, 3, 12 and other numbers that keep your marriage strong.

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