I have a presentation I think would be beneficial for Children or Youth ministers at NCYM. Who should I contact?

  • The NCYM Board generally plans the conference a year or more in advance. If you have information you think would benefit our attendees, please send the NCYM Board a presentation proposal.

What does my conference registration fee include?

  • The Conference Registration Fee helps us cover the cost of bringing in our speakers and teachers as well as obligations incurred with the cost of hosting the event.
  • The Conference Registration Fee does not include:  lodging, transportation to/from the conference, food (unless otherwise mentioned in the schedule), or personal items of any kind.

Why should I stay in the host hotel?

  • It helps keep the overall cost down.  We make contracts with hotels and the more people that use the hotel the better bargaining power we have to secure cheaper room rates and meeting space costs.  For instance in recent years, we have been able to secure free meeting space because our Room Nights (the total number of nights our attendees stay) count has gone up. THANK YOU!

Are meals provided?

  • This answer may change depending on the year and the hotel.  Some hotels make us guarantee a minimum number of dollars spent on catering.  If we can, we would rather keep our rates down (a cheap hotel catered lunch can be $25-30 per plate after taxes and gratuity).  We try to find hotels that are within easy walking distance to local restaurants.

Is childcare provided?

  • Due to liability and staffing issues we do not offer offer childcare during the conference.  We simply do not have access to proper facilities within the conference center or the amount of staff to offer this at a high caliber.