Is Science a Stumbling Block to Your Students’ Faith?

The idea that science has disproven the Bible is one of the most prevalent messages used to undermine your students’ faith. Many students abandon the church after they leave for college. When polled, they often cite “science” as a major factor.

If only they realized that science and the Bible reveal the same truth! The Institute for Creation Research’s team of scientists research answers to some of the most challenging questions your students face, such as How do dinosaurs fit with biblical history? Was the Genesis Flood really global? Did the Big Bang happen? Do fossils prove evolution? ICR offers tools to help your students navigate these issues and develop a deeper trust in God’s Word.

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The overall purpose of the National Conference on Youth Ministries is to provide professional level training for men and women involved in youth ministry all across the nation. It was established to offer training and education for the growing and maturing efforts of the youth minister and lay youth workers.     More…

2020 in sight!


Now that the 2019 conference is behind us, it’s time to look ahead! We will be in Arlington, Texas January 6-9, 2020. Take a minute now to register for 2020 and you will be entered into a drawing for a free registration. You must register by February 1, 2019, to be eligible.


UPDATE:  Congratulations to JASON RETHERFORD for winning a free registration to the 2020 NCYM Conference in Arlington!

The Path of Youth Ministry

Every year youth ministry gets harder. Teens and families are more distracted, the pressure to have bigger and better programs intensifies and the internal desire to have a healthy, impactful ministry quietly nag at our psyche. As ministers we are all used to outside pressure and criticism, but how do we quite our own inner voice?  Sometimes the rat race called full-time ministry is maddening. Are we doing enough? Are lives being changed? Does this ministry really matter?  Anyone in full-time ministry for any amount of time has asked these questions and wondered “Are we on the right path”?

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