Covenant Groups

For many years, covenant groups have been a treasured part of the NCYM experience. While the conference has many things to offer daily, it’s the opportunity to connect on a deeper level that can make the NCYM experience (and your ministry life) much richer and manageable. 

Covenant groups encourage people to talk, learn, work and play together over time. Members may tell their life stories, offer support, and share ideas that serve their church community. Covenant groups offer expanding opportunities for growth, caring and connection within our ministry community. Below you’ll find some detailed information on how the NCYM leadership seeks to create, support, and enable these groups to be a catalyst for growth within your life and the ministry community as a whole. 


Covenant groups exist to provide a sense of intimacy, accountability, and support within our community of ministry. 


Covenant groups are formed around needs, struggles, geographical location, age, and more. These groups can be created in one of two main ways: 

1. Like minded people / friends, meet together and organically decide to create a group within the NCYM setting

2. NCYM leaders help facilitate the creation of groups** 

Groups are encouraged to include between 5-10 members. This is not a hard and fast rule, but a suggestion to maintain a manageable schedule where everyone can participate and feel secure in that environment.

Meeting together: 

During NCYM, groups typically meet during the scheduled time during the evening after the last session. However, some groups have opted to meet at different times throughout the day to accommodate families and schedules. Our hope is that during NCYM your covenant group will discuss ways to stay connected and meet long after the conference ends. 


While the format of each covenant group is not specifically stated or monitored by NCYM, we strongly encourage each group member to focus on being as open and honest as possible with one another, to ask for help when needed, seek and give advice and to pray together. Our desire is that you will find a group of men and women at NCYM that you can develop a deep and meaningful relationship with that will help you navigate God’s ministry path for you throughout the year and your career in ministry. 

** If you are not currently in a covenant group but would like to join one, please contact: (subject: NCYM covenant group)

Or stop by the covenant group table during registration to begin the process.