NCYM Class Host

NCYM Class Host Responsibilities

Thank you for volunteering to be a class host. While relatively simple, this is a very important job. During this short time, you are the face of NCYM to those attending classes and to our guest speakers.  While many attendees are “at home” at NCYM, there are many who are new and not connected. We want them to feel like NCYM is here for THEM. YOU will help set the tone for class and for NCYM in general. – The NCYM Board

Here are some guidelines that will help make you a successful Class Host.

  1. Show up to class a little early.
  2. Introduce yourself to the speaker if you don’t already know her/him – get a little biographical info. (use the Sched bio if you need to)
  3. Remind the speaker of time limitations and that you will be giving them a 5 minute warning.
    1. Ask them to “throw the class” back to you at the end.
  4. Help them with technical issues:
    1. computer/sound/video projector (Steve Sargent)
    2. Make sure recording equipment has been introduced and they know what to do with that (Lance)
    3. Lights in room OK?
    4. get the speaker water (hopefully it’s already there)
  5. Begin promptly!
    1. Encourage people to enter the room.
    2. Point out empty seats in the front if people are standing.
    3. Remind people what class they are in
    4. Very short intro (with the bio info)
    5. Prayer of Blessing on the time
  6. As the speaker begins, be prepared to:
    1. help pass out handouts
    2. continue to quietly seat latecomers
    3. Monitor the door for distractions outside
    4. Keep the door from slamming each time someone comes in.
  7. End promptly
    1. Give the speaker a visual (verbal if needed) 5 minute warning.
    2. Help them end well without being rude.
    3. DO NOT recap or summarize.
    4. Thank all for being there.
    5. and help pass out handouts if needed
    6. Remind attendees to fill out the survey on “Sched” at the end of the class.
      1. This is a very important step – the Board reads and considers future classes with this information.
      2. Go to the class listing and click on the link