The overall purpose of the National Conference on Youth Ministries is to provide professional level training for men and women involved in youth ministry all across the nation. It was established to offer training and education for the growing and maturing efforts of the youth minister and lay youth workers.     More…

Christian Active Parenting

Hello from Active Parenting Publishers. We were sorry to miss the conference this year, but we sent a little information about our exciting new parenting program in our place! 

Christian Active Parenting program combines the wisdom of the Bible with our evidence-based approach to give parents the strength and skills they need to raise upstanding children. Use this easy-to-lead parenting program to guide anxious parents, to bring families closer to God, and to build a more vibrant faith community. The Christian Active Parenting program is available as a video series, a Christian parenting class, and as online video. Go to our website to check out some of the video scenes, and give us a call to preview any of the materials (800-825-0060). www.activeparenting.com/CAP

Lubbock Christian University

Happy Holidays Men and Women of God!


My name is Shanon Hays and I am the recruiter for the Lubbock Christian University Graduate School of Theology.  I very much look forward to meeting as many of you as possible at the NCYM in Daytona Beach.  It will be REALLY tough leaving beautiful West Texas in the dead of winter to spend several days at a beach front resort in Florida!  But I am preparing myself mentally for the challenge.  My 15 year old daughter has volunteered to come with me and help run our LCU table.  I wonder if she would have done the same if it were in OKC??  Anyway, we are going from Daytona to Jamaica for a week to work with a church there.  I am excited about spending this time with my daughter and I know God will bless her through serving others.  That is what you guys do in your work all the time!  You are his hands and feet for kids like my daughter.  You guys bless kids with your leadership and example.  What an awesome occupation.  Your ministry is more important than ever in our increasingly “anti-Christian” culture!

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Check out this video  Do you have a bin full of leftover youth event shirts? If so, please bring a few to Daytona for a special project! #NCYM17     Check out this video.  See you soon in Daytona!

Pre-Conference 2017


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NCYM Keynotes for 2017


Exhibitor/Ministry Partner Registration Now Open

NCYM’s overall purpose is to provide professional level training for men and women involved in youth ministry all across the nation and as a Exhibitor/Ministry Partner you can help us reach that goal. NCYM Exhibitors are an important part of the conference and we invite you to come and share what God is doing in your ministry at this valuable training. As an  NCYM Exhibitor you can connect with hundreds of youth ministers and youth workers to sell books, distribute information, recruit partners, provide curriculum, and help provide resources, support, and education to the attendees.  We are looking for high quality  Exhibitors and ministry partners that will help us add value and quality to our conference.  Please click here to begin your application process. 

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