The overall purpose of the National Conference on Youth Ministries is to provide professional level training for men and women involved in youth ministry all across the nation. It was established to offer training and education for the growing and maturing efforts of the youth minister and lay youth workers.     More…

The Path of Youth Ministry

Every year youth ministry gets harder. Teens and families are more distracted, the pressure to have bigger and better programs intensifies and the internal desire to have a healthy, impactful ministry quietly nag at our psyche. As ministers we are all used to outside pressure and criticism, but how do we quite our own inner voice?  Sometimes the rat race called full-time ministry is maddening. Are we doing enough? Are lives being changed? Does this ministry really matter?  Anyone in full-time ministry for any amount of time has asked these questions and wondered “Are we on the right path”?
What if I told you there was a different path? What if instead of chasing the newest communications fad, or clutching to old youth ministry paradigms there were proven, time-tested experiences that made disciples? Here at Wilderness Trek, we believe that ancient experiences like time alone with God, discipleship, challenge and spiritual formation should be at the core of what Youth Ministry is.
Moreover, we believe that the creator God deeply wants to connect with his created, through his creation. Simply put, God has something to tell His followers through nature. That is why Wilderness Trek believes that adventures in nature are the quickest path to spiritual formation. Do your teens really need more flash, better graphics, bigger programs, and better music or do they need to strip all of that away and truly connect with the creator God by participating in the great adventure?
Spiritual Formation through Adventure. It’s what we do. If you want to show your group this path, check us out at www.wildernesstrek.org or better yet, let us show you how to connect nature to your teen’s spiritual journey by going on one of our great outdoor experiences.

A Thank you from Lipscomb

Thank you! Thank you for your ministry. Thank you for your sacrifices. Thank you for the late nights, early mornings, long days, and time away from your family and friends. Your calling to serve God by ministering to youth and their families is a high vocation; one that receives little admiration and support. As you know, your ministry is a primary way God partners with the church in His work of forming youth into followers of Christ. So, in your work of creating ecologies of spiritual formation, thank you!

We pray your time at NCYM is a time of refreshing and renewal. We hope that a brief break from your routine in Colorado Springs, will nourish you for the weeks and months that will follow. So, take this time to rest. Go skiing. Reunite with old friends over a good meal. Go hiking with your spouse. Spend time in silence and prayer. Take advantage of the training and insights from others.

Ministry is changing – we all know this. And the needs of those who lead and work within it are changing like never before. For you, men and women, whose passion it is to serve, teach, and preach, we want to partner with you as you seek to speak to the real issues of faith. If we in the College of Bible and Ministry at Lipscomb University can ever be of service to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We give God praise for your efforts. Blessings and Peace.

– Steve Bonner: Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Bible at Lipscomb University 

Clergy Advantage

Ministers tax benefits are truly amazing.

 But it’s no wonder that ministers are often confused about their unique tax benefits and what they can do with them, especially in retirement. Because your tax and retirement opportunities are so different from “normal” people’s you often get the wrong advice or incomplete information from well-intentioned sources.

That’s why for over 40 years, the Clergy Advantage Team of specialists has developed targeted tools and resources to educate and guide ministers into the right options. We’ve simplified the whole clergy tax mystery into three major areas of tax advantage for ministers: Retirement, Housing Allowance and Business/Ministry Expenses.

Maximize these three areas and coordinate them with the help of experts that really know and understand what’s available to you and you’ve got a plan that works for optimal success. But what ever you do, don’t neglect retirement planning.

A Clergy-Specific Retirement Plan with proper guidance is the single most Important Financial Tool for Ministry Professionals. Proper planning with allow you to keep your housing allowance benefits for life wherever you go and even if you leave the ministry altogether. Ministers can also save on Social Security, State and Federal tax on distributions AND contributions with the right retirement plan.

So don’t think retirement planning can wait, it’s tax-free money for life and tax savings now. It’s really about Financial Independence, and greater success. Talk to someone who knows, call Clergy Advantage to schedule a free discussion anytime 970-667-5819 or at clergy@clergyaedvantage.com.

Check out the Ministers’ Retirement Calculator and other great free resources and videos to learn what your tax benefits can really do. www.clergyadvantage.com